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Time to Invest in Skills That Will Benefit Your Team, Organization and Yourself

AFIT -- Take a quick look at your professional development plan. How much of it is focused on technical or conceptual skills versus the human skills? I would guess that you, like the majority of us, are focused on getting those mandatory continuous-learning points by improving technical and conceptual skills. To our own detriment we often overlook the value of interpersonal skills.

Did you know that 85% of the people fired last year were let go because of personality conflicts and over 20% of a supervisor's time is spent resolving personality conflicts? I know, I know, ... 85% of statistics are made up on the spot, but doesn't it strike you as strange that most of us spend so little time, money and effort educating ourselves on the human interaction that is at the core of most personal, team and organizational success.
Let me help you change your perspective. I will be delivering a SYS 108 Teaming Environment for Acquisition Managers course at Patrick AFB on 1-3 February 2011. The official course information can be found at www.afit.edu/ls but let me give you a quick rundown on how this course is delivered and what skills are available for you to gain.

I can hear the screams ... Not another Quality Course!! Like many of you, I was around for the TQM push so I understand the quality hangover. Yes, I do cover some similar concepts to TQM and yes you will have to do some self evaluation but I assure you this course differs from anything you have taken. I challenge you to join me for an adventure into team, peer and individual awareness and how powerful the ability to positively manipulate yourself and others can be within any environment. Recent students commented that "It was a great course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will implement what I learned not just at work but in my personal life."

Who should attend? This course is designed to improve the interaction between acquisition managers but the lessons are applicable to all military and civilian personnel. Priority will be given to the target audience but I encourage anyone to sign up and fill the remaining seats. Trust your coworker's who said "I especially liked how the course created opportunities for the different functional disciplines of contracting, finance, engineering and program management to learn new ways to interact and perceive each other."

Sign up today ... it's free!!! SYS 108 is presented in a very relaxed entertaining fashion that capitalizes on group and individual exercises. The exercises are not only fun, they open your eyes to your behaviors, perceptions and teaches you how to handle other's personalities ... even the most difficult. It's time for you step outside of the norm and investment in human skills ... for the benefit of your peers, teammates, organization and most importantly for yourself.

Still not convinced ... check out one last student comment from last year's class ... "The enthusiasm for the subject was contagious. Interaction with others in class is a welcome new view in teaching than from the old projector osmosis method."

There are only a few seats left. Register today at https://www.atrrs.army.mil/channels/afitnow or for more information contact Jerry Stonecipher, jerry.stonecipher@afit.edu.