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CCAFS: The Rules of the Road

PATRICK AFB, Fla. -- In an effort to stop aggressive driving on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS), the 45th Security Forces Squadron will soon begin strict enforcement of all traffic rules and regulations on the Cape.

This campaign will focus on speeding, seatbelt and cell phone use enforcement.

Security Forces will monitor speed limit compliance and operate safety check points at various times and locations across CCAFS.

Q. Who can drive on an Air Force Installation?

A. All licensed drivers can drive on an Air Force Installation. Driving a government owned vehicle or privately owned vehicle on an Air Force installation is a privilege granted by the installation commander. If youaccept that privilege, you must comply with the federal and state laws and Air Force instructions governing motor vehicle operation on the installation.

Q. What is the speed limit on CCAFS?

A. The speed limit varies from10-50 miles per hour. The maximum speed limit on CCAFS is 50 miles per hour.Please pay particular attention at the point Phillips Parkway splits just before entering the Industrial Area; the speed limit drops from 50 to 35mph.

Q. I received a violation notice; now what?

A1. If you receive a DD FM 1408, Armed Forces Traffic Ticket, you will receive points on your base driving record and your commander or civilian supervisor will be notified of the offense(s). Commanders or supervisors may take further action against you, as deemed appropriate.

A2. If you receive a U.S. District Court Violation Notice (CVB 1805), you will be assessed a fine you will either have to pay, or contest the violation in federal court. You will also be assessed points on your base driving record and your commander or supervisor will be notified of the violation.

Q. I heard I can be stopped for using my cell phone without a hands free device, and for not wearing my seatbelt, is this true?

A. Yes, in accordance with AFI 31-281(I), Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision and Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 32 634.25 using a cell phone without a hands free device or not wearing your seatbelt are primary offenses, meaning that violators can be stopped and ticketed solely for these offenses.

Q. What laws are enforced on base?

A. All federal, state and military laws are enforced. Air Force and 45th Space Wing policies, directives, and instructions are also enforced.

Q. How does the Points System work?

A. Each violation is assessed a predetermined amount of points. If an individual accumulates 12 points within a 12-month period, or 18 points within 24 months, the individual¹s base driving privileges will be suspended.

Q. Are radar detectors allowed on base?

A. No. In accordance with AFI 31-204_45 SWSUP1, Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, laser and radar detection devices or devices used to transmit simulated erroneous speeds are prohibited. If you are using or displaying a laser or radar detector, you will be issued a citation. Before you enter the installation, disconnect and secure these devices.

If you have any further questions regarding driving rules and regulations on
CCAFS, please contact Mr. Bill Shaver, 45th  SFS/S3O at 853-2354; or Lt. Col.
Shane Sullivan, Det 1/CC, 45 MSG at 853-3900. Please drive safely!