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Eagle Eyes -Your eyes and ears are critical weapons

Patrick AFB, Fla. -- The Air Force, Office of Special Investigations, requests the assistance of "Team Patrick" to be alert and Report suspicious activity around Patrick AFB and Cape Canaveral Air Forces Station.

The first step is knowing what to look for! Always keep an Eagle Eye out for these suspicious behaviors:

* Surveillance: Someone recording or monitoring activities (taking photographs)

* Elicitation: Individuals attempting to gain information from you

* Test of Security: Any attempt to measure reaction time to security breaches or to penetrate physical barriers.

* Acquiring Supplies: Purchasing or stealing explosives, weapons, ammunitions, uniforms, Common Access Cards, Restricted Area badges

* Suspicious Persons Out of Place: Individuals who don't seem to belong in the work place, neighborhoods, local establishments

* Dry Runs: Putting individuals into position and moving them about without actually committing a terrorist act.

* Deploying Assets: Putting individuals into position to commit a terrorist act. If you observe any suspicious activities at any time of the day or night, call the Security Forces Squadron (4-2008).

Once you make the call, your local Security Forces will alert the Office of Special Investigations immediately.