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The Gift of Assistance

Patrick AFB, Fla. -- In an effort to help make daily life a little easier for Lori Eagan, living with a cerebral aneurysm, she was presented May 12 with the gift of a specially trained Canine Assistants service dog on behalf of the Milk-Bone brand.
Lori lives in Kissimmee, FL with her husband, Ralph, retired U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. Lori suffers from limited mobility, reduced stamina, muscle weakness, coordination difficulties, balance issues and spasticity as a result of her aneurysm.
Lori was welcomed into the Canine Assistants family at a special donation ceremony at the Patrick AFB Exchange on Thursday, May 12.

A certified trainer for Canine Assistants, and dog Chewy, made the introduction and explained the benefits these highly trained service dogs can provide to people with particular needs.

Lori¹s actual service dog will be selected and trained to meet her specific needs and will be given to her at the Canine Assistants training camp she and her husband will attend at a later date in Alpharetta, GA.

Lori¹s new service dog will provide the help and independence she needs.
Among other tasks, her dog will assist with retrieving dropped objects, opening doors, turning on and off lights, and obtaining help in case of an emergency. Lori and her husband look forward to the constant companionship of her service dog and the enhanced quality of life!

"I look forward to the freedom to leave my home [on my own] for a walk, to visit friends or simply spend time outside. Additionally, having my service dog by my side following a seizure will provide much comfort," explained Lori.

Canine Assistants is a national charitable organization that provides service dogs to people with disabilities, at no cost to the recipient. The organization runs entirely on individual and corporate donations, such
as those from the Milk-Bone brand.