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Air Force expands FY12 officer voluntary force management measures

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFNS) -- Air Force leaders announced Dec. 6 the expansion of voluntary officer separation measures for fiscal 2012 as part of the service's ongoing force-management initiatives.

The leaders implemented a tailored, multi-year program in 2010 to reduce the personnel numbers to meet the service's authorized end-strength level of 332,800 active-duty Airmen by Sept. 30, 2012.

In September, the Air Force announced the FY12 Officer 10-8 Commission Waiver Program allowing eligible officers in the line of Air Force, Line of the Air Force-Judge Advocate General, Chaplain, Biomedical Service Corps and Medical Service Corps competitive categories, unless specifically excluded, to retire with reduced active commissioned service. Based on Air Force needs, eligible officers may request to retire with at least 20 years Total Active Federal Military Service and a minimum of eight years total active federal commissioned service as of the approved retirement date.

Also announced in September was the FY12 Officer Limited Active Duty Service Commitment Program which allows officers otherwise eligible for the 10-8 Commission Waiver Program to help facilitate their retirement no later than Sept. 1, 2012, officials said. The expansion to the voluntary FY12 Force Management Program now include the FY12 Limited Active Duty Service Commitment Waiver Program being offered to lieutenant colonels and below as well as the addition of the FY12 Time-in-Grade Waiver Program and the FY12 PALACE CHASE Program.

The Time-in-Grade Waiver Program is offered to lieutenant colonels in certain competitive categories or Air Force specialties and allows them to request retirement in their current grade if they have two years time in grade and 20 years total active federal military service as of the requested retirement date.

The Limited Active Duty Service Commitment Waiver Program is now open to officers in selected Air Force specialties to request retirement or separation prior to completing specified active duty service commitments or service obligations. Officers approved for a waiver must retire no later than Sept. 1, 2012 or separate no later than Sept. 29, 2012.

The FY12 PALACE CHASE program provides additional active duty service commitment waiver authority for lieutenant colonels and below in select Air Force specialties to facilitate transfer from active-duty service to an Air Reserve Component. Transfer to an Air Reserve Component results in a one-to-one (not less than one year or greater than six years) commitment.

Air Force officials regularly review the service's manpower and personnel capabilities to ensure they align with current, emerging and future Air Force missions. Airmen transitioning from active-duty service as a result of force management are eligible to continue serving in the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

Additionally, Airman and family readiness centers around the world host the Department of Labor Transition Assistance Program, offering Airmen information about the GI Bill and vital resources for a successful transition from the Air Force.

For more information on force management programs, visit the Air Force Personnel Services website at