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Controlling Pollutants at the 45th Space Wing

Patrick AFB, Fla. --  Patrick Air Force Base is covered under a Florida Department of Environmental Protection NPDES Phase II MS4 Stormwater Permit. Which means the U.S. Air Force must take effective measures to prevent stormwater pollution. Follow these simple Good Housekeeping Best Management Practices to help control pollutant discharges at the 45th Space Wing.

Litter Control

    Provide an adequate number of trash receptacles for your customers and employees to keep trash from overflowing and blowing into the street. Pick up litter and other wastes daily from outside areas including storm drain inlet grates. Sweep parking lots and other paved areas often to remove debris.

Waste Disposal

    Cover and inspect dumpsters and other waste containers. Repair or replace leaky dumpsters and containers. Never dispose of waste in storm drain inlets. Recycle waste or dispose of properly.

Materials Storage

    Store materials such as grease, paints, detergents, metals, and raw materials in appropriate, labeled containers. Make sure all outdoor storage containers have lids, and that the lids are closed. Store stockpiled materials inside a building, under a roof, or covered with a tarp to prevent contact with rain.

Equipment/Vehicle Cleaning

    Maintain equipment and vehicles regularly. Check for and fix leaks. Use drip pans to collect leaks or spills during maintenance activities. Perform maintenance work indoors when possible. Wash equipment/vehicles in a designated and/or covered area where the wash water is collected to be recycled or discharged to the sanitary sewer.

     Thank you for doing your part! For more information, contact the 45th SW Environmental Office 45 CES/CEAN at (321) 494-7288.