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Energy awareness page established on Patrick web site

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- As part of the wing's ongoing efforts to promote energy awareness, the 45th Space Wing's Energy Management Steering Group has established an energy awareness web page on the Patrick Air Force Base web site.

Energy awareness is an important issue to the Air Force, the largest consumer of energy in the U.S. federal government. The nation's leaders have emphasized the need for the United States to establish greater energy independence through conservation and the exploration of domestic alternative energy sources. Due to the magnitude of energy consumed by the Air Force, any actions taken to reduce energy consumption and procure alternative or renewable energy sources are significant in their potential impact for enhancing national security.

"The Energy Management Steering Group has established a Wing Energy Management Plan. This plan reinforces the Air Force's strategic vision to reduce demand through conservation and efficiencies at Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Antigua Air Station and Ascension Auxiliary Air Field," said Lt. Col. Edward Marshall Jr., 45th Mission Support Group deputy director and EMSG alternate chairman. "The goal is to reduce energy and water consumption in fiscal 2015 by 15 percent compared to fiscal 2011."

The 45th Space Wing Energy Awareness web page is a tool to help promote energy awareness throughout the wing and its mission partners. The page can be accessed from the base's main web page, patrick.af.mil. Just under the Patrick Air Force Base banner, look for the word "Library" in red. Placing the cursor on the word brings up a drop down menu. Click on the 45th Space Wing Energy Awareness link to go to the page. It includes news, videos, goals, tips, links and documents related to energy. The information there can help individuals in finding ways to reduce their own energy use.

"No one knows how their organization operates better than you - your suggestions and innovations are critical to improving the way we use energy," 45th Space Wing Vice Commander Col. Robert Pavelko wrote in an October 2012 commentary on the Patrick web site. "As the 'I Am Air Force Energy' slogan proclaims, your actions will make a difference to reduce overall energy consumption."