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HURRICANE CONDITION IV Declared & Evacuation Info


 Team Patrick & Cape,


At 12:30 p.m. today I declared Hurricane Condition IV (HURCON IV) in preparation for Hurricane Irma. In an effort to keep everyone informed, during HURCON IV specialized response teams are recalled and briefed on the status of the storm. Teams will begin disconnecting electrical power to non-essential facilities and start preparing our facilities for the arrival of the storm.  HURCON IV indicates surface winds in excess of 50 knots (58 mph), which could arrive in the area of the base within 72 hours; however, I declared it a few hours early so that we can continue preparatory actions in advance of the storm's arrival.


In addition to this declaration I am authorizing the release of all "non-mission essential" personnel at 3 p.m. today under the condition that work centers are properly secured and supervisor approval has been granted.  I am also ordering a 'Stop Movement' for all personnel inbound to both installations immediately.  AFPC will issue this order through their channels later today. 


Then beginning tomorrow at 7 a.m. we will officially begin full evacuation for the barrier islands.  Please keep in mind the timing of this is not because the threat has accelerated or increased, but the timing (earlier than Brevard County) allows our folks in mandatory evacuation areas to depart on a schedule most beneficial to their situation without jeopardizing any potential per diem entitlements.  The official order with specifics (time, distance and entitlements) will be on the webpage.  This timing also allows your fellow Sharks sufficient time to safely and efficiently complete securing our installations.


I will send an update in the near future on when you must have completed your departure from the mandatory evacuation zones.  I also ask that you continue to monitor our information sources for additional base facility closure announcements. 


The storm is moving fast, but it is not moving as fast as us, or so fast that we need to panic. We do not anticipate closest approach until perhaps midnight on Sunday.  So please continue to operate in a safe and calm manner in order to take care of yourselves, your families, your homes and our installations.




Shark 1

Wayne R. Monteith, Brig Gen

Commander, 45th Space Wing