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Revised on Dec 29, 2021

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Tour Request Form

This site is under construction. Due to the rise in COVID-19 cases and out of an abundance of caution, we are NOT accepting tour requests. **Please read the updated COVID-19 Policy on the DD Form 3150 in regards to new installation access policy.

Thank you for your interest in visiting Space Launch Delta 45 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida …

The World’s Premier Gateway to Space.

Instructions: By submitting this request, you have read, understand, and agree to the following:

  1. Submitting this request does not guarantee my group a tour.
  2. I understand I will complete and submit this form no later than 60-days prior to my visit-request date. Visit requests submitted outside of the 60-day requirement will NOT be considered.
  3. I understand tours are not scheduled on launch days due to safety guidelines.
  4. I understand tours are not conducted on Saturdays, Sundays, Federal Holidays, and Family Days.
  5. I understand tours will only be provided between the hours of 8 AM to 4 PM, during duty hours.
  6. I understand that due to the high volume of tour requests, we recommend submitting a request form a minimum of 3-9 months in advance in effort to reserve a date and time for your visit.
  7. In order to be considered for a tour, I must answer each question on this application. I understand that my visit request will not be processed until each question is answered. Unanswered questions will result in a delay and are subject to disapproval.
  8. I will spell out each acronym.
  9. I understand tours are subject to last-minute cancellation due to mission requirements with little-or- no notice. A back-up plan is highly recommended in the event my visit is postponed or cancelled due to mission requirements.
  10. I understand I will provide my own mode of transportation.
  11. I understand I will not exceed more than one vehicle. Two vehicles are not authorized.
  12. I understand I must have more than 20 guests to submit a request and no more than 40 guests in order to be considered for a tour.
  13. I understand I am responsible for each person in my group. I am responsible for obtaining each guest's personal information, which is required for military installation access. Required information will be checked and verified prior to the tour. Each guest must provide their First & Last Name; a valid Driver's License Number; or Government Issued ID; State of Issue; Date of Birth; and Social Security Number. Information will be submitted on an Installation Access List.
  14. I understand and confirm that each guest is in good health and physical condition.
  15. I assume full-financial responsibility for lodging, meals, and other expenses during the tour.
  16. I understand guests must wear long pants and are required to wear closed-toed shoes; high heels are not allowed.
  17. I understand that the historical sites are original and preserved historical property, which means several locations are not handicap accessible.  
  18. I understand a Photography Policy will be emailed to me or will be briefed on where we can and cannot take photos while at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, and within the vicinity.
  19. I understand I will surrender my camera, if requested by a DOD official or Space Launch Delta 45 representative, in the event it is suspected an unauthorized photo was taken.
  20. I understand we will be provided with a safety brief and will comply with all guidelines set forth or my entire group will be escorted off the military installation.
  21. I understand that guests must be escorted at all times while on Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, by an authorized/badged member. Visitors under the escort of a DOD professional must abide by the instructions and conduct set forth for visits. Visitors must remain in the escorted area on the military installation at all times.
  22. I understand that smoking, vaping, illegal drugs, firearms, the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages, are all prohibited while on the military installation.

COVID-19 Policy & Information

1. Official visitors are required to fill out a DD Form 3150 attestation form and either be vaccinated or provide a negative test taken within 72 hours of the visit. See Attachment 2, page 15, of the latest DOD Force Health Protection here: Force Health Protection Guidance (Supplement 23) Revision 3 - Department of Defense Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccination Attestation, Screening Testing, and Vaccination Verification

a. Official visitors will complete DD Form 3150, "Contractor and Visitor Certification of Vaccination"3 (Attachment 4); and maintain a current completed DD Form 3150 and show it to authorized DOD personnel, upon request. Failure to complete the DD Form 3150 may result in denial of an official visitor's access to the DOD facility to which access is sought.

b. Official visitors who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or who decline to volunteer their COVID-19 vaccination status, must show an electronic or paper copy of negative results from an FDA-authorized or approved COVID-I9 test administered no earlier than 72-hours prior to their visit. If an official visitor is unable to show a negative COVID-19 test result, the visitor may be provided onsite self-testing, if available, or will be denied access to the DOD facilities to which access is sought. Service members who are not on active duty at the time of their official visit are subject to the requirements in this paragraph.

2. I confirm that each guest understands the Centers for Disease Control Guidance for COVID-19. In support of the updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, guidelines fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask indoors at DOD facilities.

3. By visiting the military/DOD installation, you and your group voluntarily assume all risks associated with exposure to COVID-19

4. If any guest feels ill, or has a temperature, we ask that you not attend this tour and seek medical assistance/care. Each guest is subject to have their temperature checked by DOD professional.


1. Due to an increase in the space lift mission and high interest in the U.S. Space Force, the Space Launch Delta 45 may only accept a number of JROTC/ROTC/CAP groups per each year.

2. I understand both installations at Patrick-Cape have a Dress Code Policy. JROTC/ROTC/CAP groups/school must wear school-related uniform if participating in a U.S. Space Force sponsored tour. 

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Historical Tour Overview

The Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Standard Historical Tour is subject to 3-4 hours. The tour begins at the Sands Space History Center parking lot, 100 Space Port Way, Building 90328, Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, Florida, 32920. Please use the dedicated parking spot for busses.