Air Force’s Robotics Process Automation Roadshow

  • Published
  • By Maureen Smith
  • Space Launch Delta 45

Military and civilian members of Patrick Space Force Base took part in the Air Force’s Robotics Process Automation Roadshow on February 6-9, 2024. This innovative four-day training provided a rudimentary understanding of UiPath software environment and Robotics Process Automation to participants. The event’s primary goal was to cultivate base level grass roots "citizen developers" who can implement DAFBOT software technology at the work centers level.


“Becoming a citizen developer and learning to program “bots” didn’t take any special skills and I didn’t need to know any computer programming languages,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Mira Miller, Patrick SFB Honor Guard flight member. “I can use existing template modules and just tweak them a little to get the bot to do the specific tasks I needed.”


This Air Force sanctioned DAFBOT UiPath approved software permits individuals to automate office tasks. Manpower hours previously spent on time-consuming administrative tasks, that bog down Airmen and Guardians, can now be spent doing more critical tasks.  


The software is simple to learn, and put into action in any work center, taking advantage of “BOT” programing without advanced computer skills. A bot can execute commands, reply to messages, perform routine tasks, search for information on the internet, collect data and sort the statistics for matrix and graphs.  


Bots run on a computer according to the listed instructions without mistakes for consistent outcomes, without a human user needing to manually start them up every time. 


New Bot technology is gaining momentum across the Air and Space Force as new work center citizen developers streamline and automate day to day operations.


“Offloading repetitive tasks frees me to spend more time on tasks that require creativity or direct action,” said Miller. “The low-code solution makes it much more likely that any given work center has someone who can start trimming administrative overhead with minimal training.”


Today’s warfighter now has an added edge by using the DAFBOT technology so focus can be implemented predominantly to mission critical elements and operational imperatives that keep the United States steps ahead of our adversaries during this great power competition.