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The 45th SW Contracting Squadron at Patrick Air Force Base (AFB) will host a Pitch Day event in order to obtain innovative solutions or potential new capabilities that fulfill requirements, close capability gaps, or provide potential technology advancements. 

Here is how it works:

Step 1 - Refer to Beta.SAM.gov for the Commercial Solutions Opening and more info. Companies must submit a white paper and a pitch deck for evaluation via email. A government evaluation team will evaluate the proposals and invite companies to Pitch Day in Cocoa, Fl.

Step 2 - Selected companies, with an invite, will pitch their solutions to 45th Space Wing leadership. Companies whose solutions are selected will sign a contract and receive an initial payment at the Pitch Day event via a credit card. ‚ÄčImmediately following the Pitch Day event, we will begin partnering with companies to deliver their solutions.


Jan 6                  Challenges are posted on Beta.SAM.gov

Jan 6 - Feb 9      Industry submits solutions 

Feb 10                  Solutions are evaluated

Feb 21                Selectees are invited to attend Pitch Day

Mar 4                 Industry pitches solutions to the 45th Space Wing


We are looking to partner with small businesses that may have innovative solutions to 45th Space Wing challenges.


Companies invited to attend Pitch Day will be notified separately of the time and location for the event.


More information and the solicitation can be found on Beta.SAM.gov


contact us

For more information contact the Pitch Day team at heather.hanks.2@us.af.mil or mark.carey.4@us.af.mil.